Sell Your Used Medical & Lab Equipment

Do you have surplus equipment that is sitting around your medical practice or clinic?  We can help. Best Used Medical Equipment travels all over the southeast looking for surplus equipment.  Our agents can come to your site and do an appraisal on your pre-owned medical equipment and offer you cash for your used medical equipment in any condition.  We can aid in de-installs of imaging, labs, large bulky medical equipment and take it from your site.  We buy equipment from all over the country but cities that we frequent are as follows: Atlanta, Macon, Savannah, Birmingham, Huntsville, Mobile, Columbia, Charleston, Asheville, Greenville, Charolette, Nashville, Knoxville, Orlando, Miami, Daytona, Tampa, etc.  Give us a call 866-565-4233 toll free or at our local number 404.551.2690.

We DO NOT buy Home Health Care type equipment, i.e. power wheelchairs, cpaps, walkers, etc.
We have recently upgraded website and are still loading content back into it, so please excuse lack of listings, please call or email if you are looking for anything.


Do you have boxes or shelves full of old and out of date Xray films?  We can help, we will come pick up the films and recycle them for you.  We can also drop a bin at your facility and exchange it out when you fill it.  Contact us for more details.

Medical Device Repairs

With access to the most highly skilled, factory trained technicians in the country we can complete the repairs you need when you need them. From scissors to endoscopes, best used medical equipment gives you the highest quality repair at the lowest price. Here is a short list of equipment we can repair:

Rigid and Flexible Endoscopes, Video processors and Camera Heads, Fiberoptic light cables, biopsy forceps, air hoses, bipolar/monopolar cables, light sources, ekg cables, dyonics shavers, ultrasound probes, diamond knives, Dopplers, Phaco handpieces, Harmonic scalpels, headlights, power instruments, Micro instruments, large and small bone handpieces, electrosurgical cords, dermatomes, dental handpieces, pulse oximeter probes, batteries, osteotomes, etc.


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